Bass Masters Classic Summary & Results

One of the most common phrases that fishermen say is that the best fishermenlee_jordan_0.jpg are always the ones with the most experience… but this wasn’t the case at the 2017 Bass Master Classic. The first place winner of the Bass Master Classic was Jordan Lee, 25, from Grant, Alabama.

But before I start talking about Jordan Lee and the Bass Master Classic, I should probably tell on what it is and how this tournament works. 

What is it?:

The Bass Master Classic is a three day long professional level fishing tournament between 50+ anglers hosted by Dicks Sporting Goods. This Tournament took place on Lake Conroe, Texas March 24- 26, 2017 but it changes every year. 

The Bass Master Classic is a known that all the big sponsors will be sending over anglers to make the company look better. Just like Soccer and NASCAR. there are tons of sponsorship but here are the 5 main sponsors of The Bass Master Classic.

How does it work?

These professional anglers will fish this lake from dusk to dawn for three days trying to catch as many pounds of bass they can. After the first day though half of the competitors are cut if they don’t make the top 25 after the first day. After each day they weigh the fish and by the end of the third day see who has the most pounds of large mouth bass total.

Artificial Lures

Another important factor is that no Fishermen can use live bait as a method to catch bass, they must use an artificial lure. As in these… (Check Picture)

Jordan Lee’s 3 Day Journey

Jordan Lee was born June 30th, 1991 and he was born in and raised in Grant, Alabama. He’s only 25 and has attended a total of 43 tournaments. Before he started doing professional tournaments he was part of the University of Auburn’s Fishing Team. 

Even though Lee won the Bass Master Classic, it was not an easy ride for him. After the first day of fishing this tournament, he was down by 15 pounds of bass. This didn’t look too good for him. 

The first day Lee ended up going to a spot he found and would be a good place to fish. Unfortunately, he has no luck there. The second day he went back to that spot to try again and there schools of big bass, just what he wanted.

Cast after cast he kept adding five to six pounds of fish to his bag and ended off the second day with 21 pounds. This gave him a big confidence boost because he finished out the third day even stronger with 27 more pounds of bass.  

Jordan Lee was also Sponsored by some big name companies on his fishing jersey. for example hes sponsored by Carhartt, Quantum, Strike King, and Lowrence. The Bass Master Classic is also known for all its big sponsors that send over anglers to make the company look better if there successful. Just like Soccer and NASCAR. there are tons of sponsorship. The five main sponsors of The Bass Master Classic are…

This was one of the greatest comebacks in the Classics history and on top of that he won $300,000.

Jordan Lees Message

 According to Lee, experience and age aren’t always the case when it comes to catching fish.  After his win, Jordan Lee wanted to set an example and send a message to all the young anglers through an interview. 

He confidently voiced in an interview, “To all of the guys fishing the college tournaments now, this just says you can do it. It’s hard work —but your never out of it”.

If Lee was to give up and after that first bad day of fishing then he never would have walked out with the Bass Masters Trophy and $300,000 of cash in his pocket. He’s trying to convey this mindset to keep pushing when it gets tough instead of laying down and dying.

I agree with Lee completely when it comes to fishing. From my experience, I can say I’ve seen a lot of people get discouraged from fishing when they don’t catch anything. The name of the sport isn’t called catching, you don’t catch all the time, that’s why it’s called Fishing. 

Biggest Bass Award

Another Big Honor to receive is the biggest bass caught in the tournament. The competitor who catches the biggest Bass of the tournament will receive money and a small award from Berkley who sponsored that award. The angler who caught the largest bass was Ott DeFoe with a huge bass weighing in at an impressive nine pounds.

*Below will be the top five Anglers that were left to fight it out until the third day*

Bass masters classic infographic.jpg
The Top 5 Fishermen at the Tournament

Even though not a lot of people will appreciate or enjoy this big fishing event, the concept of this professional angler taught us doesn’t just apply to fishing. It can apply to real world situations. If things aren’t going your way one day, just work twice as hard the next day instead of giving up and don’t let your age be a limit to your success.


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