Interviewing a University of Hartford Student

Life Prior of College

Natalie Graduation PictureHow ever been in a situation that you had to deliver a litter of puppies at your cousins’ house? I’m guessing you most likely haven’t… I met a girl named Natalie while I was meeting up to study with my friend Cody at the library and she actually has [delivered puppies]. She gladly let me interview her about her life prior to The University of Hartford, while also touching upon her experience academically and residentially.

Natalie Dawn Gramesty was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on July 11, 1996 and has recited in Shelton, Connecticut for her past 20 years of life. A fun fact about Shelton according to Natalie is that the Original BIC Products and The Whiffle Ball factory were located near her house in Shelton, Ct.

She was raised in a family that consists of her two sisters, Jena and Sara and her married parents, Dawn and Albert. She also has dog named Cali that is a Boxer/Pitbull mix, which she loves her very much.Shelton High School

The High School she attended was Shelton High and she seemed to be pretty active in it. Natalie was part of the High school’s student council, as well as a member of the Spanish National Honor Society. Besides that she also played Unified basketball, which has kids with special needs and her fellow students assisting.

She then graduated with a small class of 365 students for the year of 2014. In all, she summed up her senior year with her senior year quote perfectly, she said, “Not all those who wonder are lost”, a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien.

College Experience

When she was first searching for colleges, she knew she wanted to stay local and only apply at schools in the New England Area. She applied to Salve Regina, Western New England, University of Rhode Island, University of Connecticut (Storrs), CCSU, and of course Hartford.

Once she found out about the Elementary and special Ed program she fell in love with the school. Natalie stated that “I even visited three times and did early admission for a better chance of acceptance”; this really showed how much she liked the school.

The most important part to her was that, In Hartford’s educations program, they offered her extra hours of experience and the fact that you automatically get placed in the program instead of waiting until junior like all the other programs offered.

uhsign courtesy university of hartford daveShe ended up Majoring in Elementary and Special Ed but besides the program she also liked the dividing of the academic side from residential side, the very scenic campus, scholarships/ financial Aid and the higher teacher to student’s ratio compared to her other choices.

Natalie Now lives in the village apartment Quad 1 and enjoys the peacefullness from the 24 hour quite hours a lot. When she’s not doing homework for her classes, she said she most likely is reading books, drawing and completing puzzles, which is a lot easier to do with a quite quad. She received work study recently and now works at the Sport Center as an assistant.

I asked her how she’s enjoying her experience currently as the University of Hartford. She said that she had fun and enjoyed her first three years of her college experience but now she’s nervous that she has to take on real life teaching that’s required of her senior year.

Overall, she’s glad she came to this school and doesn’t regret it once bit, she has made a lot of good friends and met many great people that made her experience more welcoming and fun then she’s ever expected.University of hartford College of education



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