PETA’s Perspective of Fishing Is Wrong

Salmon Fillets, FishingSometime last week I was scrolling
through Facebook and came across a video that one of my friends that I fish with shared. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or more known as PETA, decided to release a video on August 10th, 2016 titled “This is Why I Don’t Go Fishing”. (PETA video)

After watching this minute long video I was so mad and dumbfounded. How could such a well-known, trusted organization create a video with so much false information and bias for all their followers to see?

Earlier today my friend Julia (who hates the concept of fishing) decided to confront me after seeing a picture of me fishing and we started to debate. She then angrily yelled ” I hope you didn’t take any of the fish, you should take fish from their homes, how would you feel taken from your home?”

This shows that this is such a popular topic, but her point of view was valid and I had to respect it.This made me a little frustrated for making me seem like a bad person for enjoying my hobby, but I kept an open mind.

Yes this sport is a huge controversy among millions of people but I do respect other people’s opinions on the subject. Although, when you have a big organization like PETA with a lot of followers, abuses their power so they can easily inject viewers with false attitudes or beliefs on certain topics. Even if it’s true or not according to this video.

In the video they break down the reasons “Why I don’t Go Fishing” into a few different sections, listed as…Fish, Shiner, Fishing, Hook

  1. Fish Feel Pain
  2. Fishing Teaches Kids the Wrong Way to Treat Animals
  3. Catch-and-Release Harm Fish
  4. Consuming Fish Is Bad for Your Health
  5. Fishing Harms the Environment

I will say that not all of this is 100% false but it seems like PETA didn’t do much research when it came to their information.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t like fishing is because of the myth that fish feel pain. In the video PETA claims that “researchers studied fish pain receptors and they are strikingly similar to mammals”. There is tons of research that backs up how fish really feel when they’re hooked and they’re pain receptors are nowhere near the same as mammals.

According to’s article on fish’s pain receptors says “Fish do not feel pain the way humans do. That is the conclusion drawn by an international team of researchers consisting of neurobiologists and fishery scientists”.  After this, they go on to explain their research in depth to back up there statements, unlike PETA. (Do Fish Feel Pain Article)

The second Section that I thought was ridiculous was fishing teaches kids the wrong way to treat animals. There isn’t actually any research to back this up but I believe fishing gives kids good values such as, a connection to nature, family/ friend bonding, and a new hobby that hopefully continues on through life. maxresdefault

The fourth section of this video is claiming that consuming fish is bad for your health and this is a complete joke. You see everywhere that fish is one of the healthiest meats but you just shouldn’t it too often compared to others.

The website has a whole page dedicated to the benefits of fish. Some of the benefits mentioned on the page are high protein, low fat, and is high in omega-3. Whitefish also tend to give us oils that we normally don’t get from mammals (Benefits of Eating Fish)

In the end, I believe that you should be careful about what information you allow in and what to block out when reading news from the media. Not everything you see, you should believe but it’s not all the viewer’s faults in the end.

Big name Companies or organizations need to stop feeding readers bias or false information about a certain topic because since they already have the public’s trust they can manipulate them whichever way they want.







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