My Dream Job

Dream Job

Growing up, I always hated being asked this question and it was impossible to avoid. I was only in Elementary school when I was first asked this question by a Teacher… how I am supposed to tell them a job when I’m still reading picture books.

Looking back to my Elementary school yearbook, I still laugh at what I put for my dream job because it’s not even close to what I truly want to do as a profession. At that time, I wanted to open up a Pizza shop with one of my friends I grew up with but after years of working in food services, working in the food industry is the last thing I want to do as a profession.

Worst jobAfter four years of working in this field, I realize this wasn’t for me and tried finding an office job. After a few weeks of research I found a highly reputable Amazon liquidator and this is where my new journey began. If you want to read more about my life growing
up check out my about page!

I’ve worked in the food services for four years running food and I don’t regret it one bit, I believe it was an important asset to my career and I will be able to transfer those skills to many other jobs.

Even though I hated coming into work and running food out every day, I did it for four years but I’m not complaining, I met good people, made connections and learned good work ethic. This is all part of the experience of growing up, you live and learn.

It’s been three years since I brought out my last plate of food and some of the skills that I’ve gained consisted of, learning how to talk to customers, being able to multitask and prioritize my tasks and most importantly, being able to deal with time management and high pressure situations.the-road-to-success

As you can tell, those skills aren’t just used for being a waiter in the food business, but they can be used for a plethora of different jobs.

What I’ve been doing to reach my career job is to excel in all my classes within my major that will contribute to the growth of my skills. I also started making video and photo edits to for all the fishing trips I take around New England to practice editing. My goal is to be able to get my name out for people to see and recognize the skills that I’ve been acquiring.

All in all, my dream job would be promoting a product or service by creating content for people to see about the product over the internet. In a perfect world, I see myself promoting fishing products because I was raised around fishing. I’ve been using fishing products my whole life, but I believe I know the ins and outs of how to target this audience to its fullest extent and help companies in this field grow. 



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